Friday, February 16, 2018


Live the silence of Sannenzaka in Kyoto

I wanted to start in Kyoto and its Sannenzaka neighborhood because it is one of the places I think about when I'm first asked about the most spectacular places to see in Japan. For us it was quite a surprise.

Streets of Sannenzaka

By day, it's beautiful, but the bustle of its shops, as well as the comings and goings of tourists who constantly wander around, in my view "it muddies" so what I propose is to go at nightfall , under the only sound of some
clueless cat and the warm light of its street lamps. It is there, at that moment, when the streets of Sannenzaka are filled with magic and spectacular silence. You will be happy

Waiting for the magic hour at the Mori Tower in Tokyo

What can I tell you about this place to describe it as it deserves? In my opinion, together with the Top of the Rock in New York and the viewpoint of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, the viewpoint of the Mori Tower in Tokyo, in Roppongi Hills, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the world and obviously one of the essential visits to do in Japan that yes or yes that will leave you with your mouth open.

The impressive magical hour from the Mirador de la Mori Tower in Tokyo in Japan of the most wonderful places to see in Japan

Do not forget to visit this place at dusk, in the so-called "magic hour". Just after sunset, when both the Tokyo Tower and the vast majority of skyscrapers begin to light up forming a dreamy skyline.

Touring the tori of Fushimi Inari

Who has not ever seen the famous Fushimi Inari toris on the Internet? They are probably one of the postcards of every trip to Japan and one of the temples to visit in Japan that you can not miss in an itinerary through Japan.

Fushimi Inari, one of the icons of the country and the must-see sites in Japan

More than 10,000 doors spread over 4 kilometers make up the Fushimi Inari sanctuary, less than 20 minutes from Kyoto and again, you will be left with your mouth open.

Feed the deer of Nara

If there is something curious that comes to us from the trip to Japan, it is the fact of seeing the deer of Nara Park for the first time. Yes, deer. Surrealistic as it seems, in many places in Japan, instead of pigeons ... deer.

Feeding the deer of Nara

The most fun things to do in Japan that you will find is to feed these bugs. Throughout the park you will find lots of food stalls. Do not hesitate to buy some cookies for deer because of course, the peshá to laugh that we gave ourselves being chased by these bugs was priceless. Do not forget that the deer of Nara are considered "sacred". Ojito with too much fuss. According to the legend, a God made a ride on the back of a white deer to Mount Mikasa and since then these animals are protected and considered as sacred.

Eat sushi at a Fish Market!

Another must-see in Japan is a fish market. Required. Personally, I am one of those who thinks that people know a lot from the table, but the fact of going to their market is like taking a step further. Fruits of all kinds, fish, meat ... and of course the tuna, whose auction is a pass for those brave who want to get up early.

Tokyo Fish Market

The image you see belongs to the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and the ideal place to eat good sushi.

Eating sushi at the Tokyo fish market

Tsukiji is one of the most famous markets in Japan but both Kyoto and Osaka will also have the opportunity to visit one of these.

Time to eat Sushi in Japan

Kyoto and a morning walk through its temples

If I say the word "Japan", what comes to mind? I guess the answer will depend a bit on your tastes and interests but the vast majority of you will surely come to mind those beautiful temples that we are tired of relating to Japan. Do not tell me no. And that's why, on your trip to Japan you can not miss a tour of the most famous temples in Kyoto.

Ginkakuji Gardens in Kyoto, one of the most beautiful in the city

Making a trip to Japan without visiting the Kinkaku-ji or Kyoto Golden Temple is like traveling to Spain and not trying the potato omelette.

Kyoto Golden Temple

Needless to say, the wonderful gardens of the Ginkaku-ji temples.

Ginkakuji, in Kyoto

Or the imposing Kiyomizudera temple, from which its viewpoint will give you one of the most spectacular panoramic views of Kyoto.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple of Kyoto

Remain silent among the Kasuga lanterns

This place was one of the ones we liked the most about our trip to Japan. During our visit to the temples of Nara, we had already visited several temples and the visit to the temple of Kasuga we were on the dot of not doing it for the price. Nor is itNot that it was nonsense but we did not know if it would be worth it or not. But hey, finally, we decided to enter. The temple itself flushed us a lot, but there, almost wanting to go unnoticed, we found a room in the dark, very large, full of candlelit lamps that left us at 3 with our mouths open.

Lanterns of the Kasuga temple

Being able to walk among those lamps under the unique sound of their flames was an incredible experience. Maybe you think it's silly but it seemed to us one of those places to see in Japan that can leave a mark and some magic in the retinas :-)

Dress up as Samurai, Maiko or Geisha

One of the most freakish things to do in Japan that we had very clear that we wanted to do was to dress in typical Japanese clothes: D Not that it is something cheap precisely but ... believe me it is very worthwhile. The result is great: D

Disguised as samurais and geishas

In my case, you can see the guy as an authentic Samurai. You can not get an idea of ​​the amount of layers I was wearing. And in the case of the girls, they could dress up as geisha or Maiko but finally decided on the latter since the costumes were much more striking than Geishas. I recommend it too. Advice from uncle.

Hallucinate with the neon of Shinjuku

Speaking of the night in Tokyo is synonymous with lights, neons and luminous signs not suitable for epileptics. But, where really flirt with this beautiful and aggressive kilowatt marketing? Well, the way we see it ... the Shinjuku neighborhood.

Neons of Shinjuku in Tokyo

Undoubtedly, this area of ​​Tokyo is one of the most spectacular in terms of neons. It is simply spectacular. A hallucination I have always said that Tokyo at night is much more spectacular than day and this site I assure you is a good reason to think.

Listen to the song of a bamboo forest

On the outskirts of downtown Kyoto, in the form of a haven of peace and tranquility, we will find the wonderful bamboo forest of Arashiyama that has become famous for being one of the most beautiful and spectacular in Japan.

Arashiyama, the bamboo forest of Kyoto, a marvel

Remain silent, do not make a noise and let the wind make its own with silhouettes and jingles among the bamboo poles. You will agree that the experience of walking through this forest is one of those essential things to do in Japan that you should not miss on your trip.

Dinner and roll in a Japanese tavern

Entering an unattractive look, where you hear a lot of shouting and chairs instead of stools will always be a good idea. Pay attention to me

Japanese bar in Hiroshima

The image you see belongs to a bar in Hiroshima where we live of everything. From a birthday cake to which they invited us without asking from another table, to see us in the situation where they charge us more in the account and half a bar came to our table half chopped to become interpreters because nobody spoke English, hahaha. Situations that only live in these places!

Face the imposing tori of Miyajima

One of the most beautiful places to see in Japan that most surprised us was during our one-day trip to Miyajima, the sanctuary island and its huge floating tori.

Tori de Miyajima next to Hiroshima

My advice is that you take the ferry from Hiroshima to Miyajima, have lunch there and let the afternoon fall, at which time the waters rise as if they had opened the taps. The stamp that will gradually take place there, at sunset will have no price. Pay attention to me and you will enjoy one of the most spectacular places to see in Japan under an incomparable framework.

Magic hour in the tori of Miyajima

Make the "purikura" in a photo booth

Another of the frikadas pair framing that to do in Japan is without a doubt the visit of a photo booth of Purikura. Do not think about it. Do not be silly if you're a guy. If you only see girls, do not worry. You enter and spend 3 kilos. Believe me it will be worth it. And a lot: D

One of the funniest things to do in Japan is to get into a Purikura photo booth

I think it is one of the biggest decoupling we have stuck in Japan. Purikura's photo booths will make magic with your face. You will put on the voice of "ALREADY" putting on blusher, lipstick, bulging eyes and a lot of bullshit in the face. It is scary.

Climb aboard your bullet trains, the shinkansen!

If you are going to take a 10-day trip through Japan, I take it for granted that you will experience this point ... I advise you to plan the trains you will use with the Hyperdia planner, so you can see which trains you ride There are several train models and some are much more billet than others as is the case with the Shinkansen E5.

Shinkansen trains from Japan

If you want more information about Japanese trains here I leave a link to the web of my friend Luis where you can read a lot about the types of trains that can wait for you in Japan. See