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Romania is a country where you go, it is very special to catch yourself and get you to repeat your destination in a short period of time. From the most cosmopolitan cities, to the rural interior, passing through national parks and dream natural places, so if you want to be part of all this take note and now it's your turn to...

The amazing Transfagarasan road
They say it is one of the most spectacular roads in the world. A very daring statement that you will soon discover is not so misguided. We are in one of the corners that have impacted me the most in Romania. Throughout the tour we will enjoy crystalline lakes, high mountains, beautiful mountain houses and fascinating corners.

Relaxation and nature in the Danube Delta
It is one of my latest discoveries and has entered the first positions of the essentials to see in Romania on its own merits. It is not for less. The Danube Delta is a gift of nature. Here the waters of this emblematic river flow through calm channels and lakes full of reed beds, to end at the heart of the Black Sea coast. It has become a haven for nature and bird lovers. Especially of the birds since in the Delta we can find hundreds of different species. Among them, the pelican stands out with a community of 6,000 specimens.

A fairy tale in Brasov
We are facing one of the most tourist cities in the country and the most beautiful, of course. Brasov has become an essential stop for all those who dream of touring Transylvania. We find ourselves in a medieval old town full of colorful houses and framed by mountains and dense forests, Brasov is less than three hours away from the capital. Therefore, if you have a few days to plan a road trip, it can be a perfect excursion to combine it with Bucharest.

Ambience in Bucharest
The center of Bucharest is always full of people ready to fill terraces, penthouses, bars, restaurants and shops. It is a real joy.
Outside the center we have many essential places to visit. And I cannot speak of Bucharest without mentioning the gigantic building of the Palace of the Parliament. Another "gift" from the communist years that today looks like one of the symbols of the city. You cannot miss the Romanian Athenaeum, the Cismigiu and Herastrau parks, the Arc de Triomphe and the Orthodox Cathedral, among others.

Mountains and elegance in Sinaia
If we think of Sinaia, the beautiful Peles Castle is the first thing that comes to mind. An elegant castle with a romantic style and ornate interiors that perfectly fulfilled its function: that of summer residence for the royal court. Perhaps you have also heard of the Sinaia Monastery. A 17th century temple whose beauty lies in the impressive neo-Byzantine frescoes that adorn it.
But Sinaia is much more than these important monuments and luxurious mansions. This city is located at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, a paradise for ski lovers in winter and for walkers in summer.
So now you know here you can find some of the places you can visit if your next stop is Romania ...

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