Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Do you want to discover a fascinating destination, exotic and far from what you know? South Korea is the option where you can find different cities, it has a good number of attractions and tourist places that we have never heard of. We know that its capital is Seoul, that a few kilometers from it you can visit one of the most guarded borders in the world, the one that separates the two Koreas since 1953, and that it is one of the ten world powers in the field of electronics, So take note and it's your turn to plan your next vacation ...

1. Suwon and Hwaseong Fortress
Kilometers of walls built to take advantage of the undulations of the terrain await you. You can walk on them and go around the perimeter of the ancient city. Observation towers, monumental gates and guard posts are the elements that you will discover. Once you have seen the wall, there is nothing better than walking the streets of the old town to visit the sanctuary and the palace guarded by soldiers dressed in the same costumes that they used in the time of the kings of Joseon, founders of Suwon. After the cultural visit, you should not forget to enjoy a stroll through alleys in which urban art is the protagonist, or to sit in one of the charming cafes near the palace.

2. Cheongpung Cultural Heritage Park
  you can visit this park. Here, Korean heritage buildings and historical relics meet. Something like a museum, but outdoors, where you can see the heritage that was saved in 1985 from being under the waters when Lake Chungjuho was built. Sculptures, pavilions and Confucian schools are part of the 2,000 objects in the park. If you visit it, pay attention because surely on your route you will come across some of those trees that they call "love", because when they grow they unite to become one.

3. Bulguksa Temple
There is Mount Tomamsan, and on one of its slopes is this temple. It was built between the 6th and 8th centuries on different stone terraces. The upper part symbolizes the land of the Buddha and is joined to the lower level, the mundane part of the temple, by four stairs under which there was formerly a channel. At its peak, it grew to 80 buildings. Today only a handful of them are preserved and the wooden ones are recent reconstructions. It is a very popular place among Koreans who come to it to enjoy the surroundings and visit one of the most beautiful temples in the country.

4. Mount Namsan
It is a visit that offers the traveler to enjoy the nature that Koreans like so much while looking for sculptures and carvings of Buddha hidden among the vegetation. This place in Korea, one of the last in the country that has become part of the World Heritage Site, has a special value, and it is that when the Buddhist temples were reserved for the nobles, the peasants and ordinary people chose this mount as place to honor Buddha with these sculptures they made themselves. Today much of the mountain's heritage has disappeared, but in a one-day walk you can still make a good route passing through different sculptures and temples.

5. Jeonju Traditional Village
Visiting this village with a thousand years of history is already worth traveling from Seoul to Jeonju. Once in this city, you just have to get on a bus that in 15 minutes takes you to this village, which with about 700 houses is the largest group of hanoks in South Korea. To walk through it is to go back in time while discovering other buildings such as temples, shrines and Confucian schools. In addition, this place is perfect to dare to wear a hanbok, the traditional Korean costume, and pose thus dressed with an ideal background for the photos that you will bring home as a souvenir.

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