Monday, April 6, 2020


Geneva is the name of the second largest city in Switzerland, second only to Zurich in size and population. Geneva is a city kissed by the Rhone river and backed by the majestic Alps mountain range. There is much to see in Geneva and more to do. Take note of the places you should visit in Geneva, so let's start ...

  • Jet d'Eau

It is surely the largest and most famous fountain in Switzerland, as well as one of the places to visit in Geneva. You will find this powerful jet of water that reaches 140 meters high where the city lake meets the Rhone. In this place the liquid element rises at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, which is said soon but is outrageous.

  • Lake Leman or Lake Geneva

It is not only one of the favorite recreational sites of locals and visitors, it is also a beautiful natural border between Switzerland - to the north - and France - to the south. If you want on board a boat you can go from one country to another in a matter of minutes, one of the most curious things to do during your trip. Furthermore, this large body of water turns out to be the largest lake in Western Europe, and the Alps can be seen clearly from its shore. If the weather is good and you have a good eye from its shore, you can appreciate Mont Blanc.

  • English Garden Flower Clock

one of the places to visit in Geneva. Planted in the mid-1950s, this iconic flower collection seamlessly blends the area's botanical and watchmaking tradition. All this without ceasing to be a real beauty.

  • San Pedro Cathedral

It is one of the most relevant religious buildings and one of the essential things to see in the city of Geneva. It owes its fame to being the mother church adopted by Juan Calvino, one of the greatest exponents of the Protestant Reformation. In fact, this Christian building that began to be built in the 12th century still preserves a wooden chair that was once used by the influential French theologian. An eclectic place where elements of multiple architectural currents coexist.

  • Plainpalais flea market

Geneva is known for its exclusive shopping streets and its exorbitant prices, which is why those who travel on a low budget or are a bargain crazy person find the flea market in Plainpalais, in French Marché de Plainpalais, especially attractive. If it doesn't rain, you will find it mounted from first thing in the morning on every Wednesday and Sunday (except for the first Sunday of the month), in winter until 17:30, in summer until 18:30. An endless number of antique furniture is sold there, as well as a large number of cultural collectors' items related to the world of music (CDs, vinyls, magazines, etc.). A curious place to stroll full of opportunities to buy at reasonable prices and one of the best things to do to relax.

  • Mount Salève

The excursion to Mount Salève will delight lovers of hiking, nature and photography, since the panoramic view of the city on its top is more than up to expectations (if the weather is good). Of course, we warn you before starting that it is not an easy walk. El Salève is a mountain 1,379 meters high that the less fit will climb better than walking on board a fantastic cable car. Whatever you get, enjoy the views! They are very worthwhile.

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