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Located off the north coast of South America, Aruba's beautiful beaches are surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise waters, and most people travel there because of the hot weather and the relaxed way of living there, there are thousands of things to do there , it is also full of color, architecture and food, not to mention its bars and restaurants, so take note and start planning your next vacation to Aruba and take the whole family or that special person, we begin ...
Visit the best beaches in Aruba
Aruba is home to some of the best beaches in Aruba. The best way to visit so many of Aruba's best beaches is to rent a car in Aruba. Our two best beaches are Eagle Beach and Baby Beach. But honestly, all of Aruba's beaches are beautiful. Be sure to read our detailed guide to Aruba's beaches.

Donkey Sanctuary
Definitely one of the most beautiful things to do in Aruba, a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary is a must for any animal lover. Who does not love donkeys? They all look so sweet! Donkeys were once the main form of transportation in Aruba, so there are unfortunately many of them now residing in the sanctuary. Donkeys are kept in large paddocks, with sick and injured donkeys cared for by the sanctuary.

See the famous Divi Divi trees
Only found in Aruba, Divi Divi trees can generally be found twisted in an incredible way. They get their shape because they were deformed and shaped by the trade winds that blow from the northeast. Although Aruba is outside the hurricane corridor, the winds are strong enough to slowly point the Divi Divi trees to the southwest. Locals swear that you just need to follow the curve in their branches to find a nearby town.

Arikok National Park
The Arikok National Park is huge, as it covers 20% of the island. A trip to Aruba should include exploring this unique side of the island. It is one of our favorite activities in Aruba and one of the many things that make Aruba unique to other Caribbean islands.

Try diving in Aruba
Some of the best diving in the Caribbean is in Aruba. If you are not a certified diver, Aruba is a great place to do an introductory dive. This is where a diver instructor will teach you the basics and dive with you to give you a small taste of what diving is all about.

Boca Prin sand dunes
Located in the Arikok National Park, visiting the Boca Prin sand dunes is a must and definitely one of our favorite activities in Aruba. The secluded beach has stunning white sand dunes that delightfully stand out against the rocky shores that surround them. It really is an idyllic place to hang out. Unfortunately, you can't go swimming as there are some pretty strong currents here. If you're bored with lounging on the beach, it's fun to explore the rugged terrain and surrounding rocks. There is a restaurant not far away, where you can have a drink or something to eat and enjoy the incredible scenery.

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