Saturday, April 25, 2020


 We lead such a busy life that, most of the time, we find it excessively difficult to slow down, breathe and be fully aware of everything around us. In these times of being at home, practically by imposition, it is time to stop, rethink everyday, modify routines and, of course, be with the family and here we suggest some things you can do, so Take note and it is your turn to carry out new activities within your home, we begin ...

  • Organize photo albums

Perhaps the time has come to organize all the photos that we have accumulated on our devices. Sorting and classifying them never hurts, both on the computer and on the mobile there are endless tools that allow image editing and management. There are also applications that will make it easier for you.
  • Make the wardrobe change

In addition, perhaps the time has come to select all those clothes, both ours and those of the children, which are in poor condition, are not worth us or are no longer wearing. If we keep letting this task go, there will come a time when we run out of cabinet or shelf space. Let's take advantage of the quarantine to change the wardrobe and organize spring and summer clothes.
  • Get your batteries on with DIY

Because this area of the house is becoming the best place to take a breather and why not have some neighborhood contact, perhaps the time has come to get down to business. A little artificial grass, a grinder, the occasional flower pot to plant, some folding chairs or a table. Any option is valid to create our disconnection space. Also, we may have been wanting to assemble a shelf that is still packed, put one more shelf in the living room, hang a painting or fix a coat rack.
  • Practice languages

Nowadays there are countless applications or websites where we can do exercises or play audios in another language. In addition, practically, through audiovisual content platforms we will have access to movies in original version and, if we do not want to pull screens, there are a lot of books that will help us in the task.
  • Paint a picture

Through a painting we can express all kinds of feelings and sensations, relax, disconnect and, why not, demonstrate our artistic talents. It will surely help us to face the day to day during the quarantine. In addition, it is an activity that we can do together with the children. We may have a blank canvas at home and an easel dead from laughter. The time has come to dust it off and start creating.

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