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If you are thinking of traveling to Mexico, let me tell you that I would not have made a better decision than that… since you will be able to find the most emblematic places to visit, without leaving aside its gastronomy and traditions

When you arrive in Mexico, you will be able to discover many wonderful scenarios full of great ancestral mysteries that are still latent in every corner of the country. If you want to be surprised by them, we invite you to pack your bags and meet them.

 For this we have prepared a list of tourist places that you can include in your itinerary:

 1._ Chichen Itzá

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, it is undoubtedly a monument reflecting the great mathematical, archaeological and geometric knowledge that the Mayans had.

Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is one of the most emblematic and visited places in Mexico.

This monument currently shows the clearest knowledge we have about the customs and experiences of the Mayans and Toltecs.

2._ Playa del Carmen

Playa de Carmen is one of the most visited coastal areas in Mexico. Caribbean beaches where you can snorkel, dive and visit the different nearby islands by boat.

You can go to Los Fundadores Park, there you will find the Mayan Portal, this particular monument was inaugurated in 2012, designed by the artist Arturo Tavarez commemorating the beginning of the new Mayan calendar. It measures 16 meters and weighs 60 tons.

It is located between the fine sands of Playa del Carmen and everyone who visits it cannot stop photographing themselves in front of that imposing figure that at its peak has a man and a woman holding hands giving a deep, sincere and also beautiful message .

3._Archaeological Zone of Palenque

Located in the municipality of Palenque, this is an area full of archaeological sites, emblematic heritage of the Mayan culture. It is located in the middle of the jungle, in the State of Chiapas. With more than a hundred buildings, it is today a great pre-Hispanic mystery, not completely solved.

It is considered that it was built 300 years BC and abandoned in the 10th century for reasons that are not yet known. It had a rediscovery in 1784, after many years of the conquest of America. The mystery of this is that every so often information is lost about it, and when it is rediscovered it has much more to do, archaeologists find more and more remains of past life.

4._ Cancun

It is located on the Yucatan peninsula that borders the Caribbean Sea and is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, tourist centers and great nightlife. In its coastal area it has a variety of hotels, shops, restaurants and clubs. It is popularly visited by students in the spring.

 You will find many attractions such as the Ancient Mayan Ruins and the Mayan Museum of Cancun, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and diving around the reef; also boating, jet ski rides and ecological and aquatic parks.


5._ Monument to the Revolution

It is one of the most impressive monuments in Mexico, being at first the dome of the legislative palace that was never built; but today it is remodeled and ready to be fully admired and explored.

It has a viewpoint 65 meters high that offers, in addition to spectacular views, an attraction called "Monumental Sunrises" at the highest point of the viewpoint that includes a guided tour and a rich breakfast.

As you go through each corner, you will be shown the history of the Mexican Revolution, with the walkway at its foundation that has an underground labyrinth and a permanent exhibition called "Bajo la Mira", small shorts and screens will make you immerse yourself in the past.

6._ Monument to Independence

It is one of the greatest symbols of the Mexican nation located in the main roundabout of Paseo de la Reforma in the heart of the city.

The Angel of Independence located at the top of the column represents the Winged Victory. This beautiful work is by the sculptor Enrique Alciati; It is made of bronze with gold coating, measures 6.7 meters and weighs 7 tons.

Many do not know that they can climb this wonderful angel, you just have to write a letter requesting a permit and admire as you go up the remains of the heroes of Independence and when you reach the top have an excellent view of the city.


This wonderful place is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in the State of Quintana Roo. It has an exuberant nature, dream beaches, picturesque and photogenic corners and a rich Mayan past.

Without a doubt, a true paradise for tourists where they can enjoy everything it offers through tours and guided visits to archaeological sites and adventure tourism.

When planning your trip you must consider many factors, for example the weather. Knowing what the best time is and its conditions, we assure you that you will spend some splendid days.

The benefits that Mexico has, both on its coasts and in the city, is that most of the year the climate is between hot, warm and rainy.

The general climate in Mexico is tropical and is divided into:


• Warm semi-humid, characterized by perennial heat throughout the year and abundant rain only, the rest of the year the rains are scarce.

• Temperate, it has many variations since it can rain during the summer, be as hot as in arid climates and so cold that you will see snow in some areas.

• Dry, it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter or very hot in the day and cold at night, it rains little throughout the year.

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