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Egypt (officially the Arab Republic of Egypt), the cradle of our civilization, is a country of contrasts and controversies in all its areas. From their religion, through politics and even through the tourism sector itself.

Destination sought and dreamed of by anyone who has an interest in architectural, anthropological or spiritual issues, but very difficult for independent travelers and, above all, female travelers.

If your destination is Egypt I will provide you with a small list of places you must visit


• If you are a girl or a boy traveling with your partner (as was my case), you have to be aware that you are going to an Arab country where many men have never seen a woman's ankle or shoulder in their life.

Therefore, clothing is a fundamental point to avoid problems or, what is the same, go unnoticed. I know this may not be to your liking or understanding, but remember that the goal is to avoid uncomfortable situations.

• Long sleeves and long pants or skirt (and do not mark the curves): I know from experience that it is very hot. We were in the middle of August, but you will appreciate not being in constant pressure with lewd looks. Light linen garments are the best to combat high temperatures. It is essential not to show shoulders or knees.

• Head covered: you can use a veil or a simple scarf to cover yourself. The Egyptians will show more respect with this simple detail. In addition, you will protect yourself from the righteous sun.


Where to sleep in Egypt?

If you go with a trip organized by an agency, you may not need it.

But we, who did half organized and half our own, use Airbnb as it is starting to be a platform that gives us a lot of confidence and security when it comes to booking accommodation.

It also gives you coupons every time you invite a friend and you can even stay for free!

What to see in Egypt?

Romantic cruise on the Nile

Many tourists go to Egypt just to cross the Nile by cruise ship, at all stops the guide and the driver were waiting for us to tell us all the details of the history around the different cities and museums that we visit.

Temple in Edfu.

These temples of ancient Egypt, without a guide, are half enjoyed since most of them have architectural and pictorial similarities. When you have seen 3 or 4 you will believe that they are all, more or less, the same.

But not so much less. The most interesting thing about the temples are the hieroglyphic reliefs that are hidden in their walls.


An oasis of peace. Traveling to Egypt and not stepping on Dahab is like eating a salad without tomato (what's up, I really like tomato!). Come on, you're going to go without knowing one of the most different places in the country.

The vast majority of tourists go to visit the beaches and / or to snorkel and dive, stopping in cities such as Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh.

What else can I do in Dahab?

To be under the sea is to discover a new world and it is incredible.

Although this was for me the best of Dahab and what I have burned for life, you can do a lot more things.

I recommend that you go to see the sunset at the beach known as Eel Garden. The further north the better. From here you can see the mountains of Saudi Arabia right on the opposite coast of the Red Sea where you are.

If you're not going to dive, at least go snorkeling at the Blue Hole. It is quite crowded but it is well worth it. To avoid crowds, go at sunrise or sunset.

You can also visit the medina or do some of the excursions through the desert and the mountains. You will see them on all the posters of tourist companies as soon as you take a walk along the promenade right next to the sea.

Cairo and the pyramids of Giza

Mandatory stop if you travel to Egypt by air. And probably your first destination.

It is a huge city that most people travel with more pain than glory. Most likely, they will visit the pyramids of Giza directly… and pass the rest by the dirt, noise and tremendous chaos that surrounds it.

What to do in cairo?

• The pyramids of Giza and the sphinx (same enclosure).

• Islamic Cairo (Islamic Cairo).

•Egyptian Museum.

• Coptic Cairo.

• Cairo Tower.

• Essences shop in Giza "El Sheikh". The owner in question is called Ganal and mixes spirituality with aromas by synchronizing the chakras through different essences. Quite a discovery. It is quite difficult to find it without a guide, but more or less, the store is here. Ganal's son speaks Spanish and will be able to answer all your questions.



The pyramids of Saqqara, Dahshur and their paintings

You should start the visit by the pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur instead of those of Giza, since these were built before and you can redo the history in your head much better.

In this area, located some 30 km from Cairo, the necropolis of the ancient city of Memphis was established.

Here you will find must-see monuments such as the Step Pyramid (considered the 1st pyramid in the world), the Red Pyramid and several tombs with paintings over 10,000 years old with the colors practically intact. Very shocking.


City built on ancient Thebes, capital of the Egyptian empire. It was one of the most important places in the region as it was the capital of the New Kingdom and ancient Egypt.

If you are looking for the tranquility and peace that Cairo lacks, this is a perfect place to take a longer break during your trip.


What to see and do in Luxor?

•King's Valley.

• Temple of Luxor.

• Karnak Temple.

• Dendera Temple.

• Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut.

• Faluca ride: Luxor is divided by the Nile, the east bank is where the city itself is located, the west bank is where the towns and crops are. In this river you will find dozens of sailing boats (small sailboat type) called "filuca" by the Egyptians and that for a few LE will take you down the river.

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